The following changes have been applied over time to the standard and/or its documentation.


  • Introduced a new property for the Dataset class: nationalCoverage. This property is an optional boolean. When this property is not present in a dataset it is considered ‘false’.


  • The property keyword was incorrectly listed as mandatory. It has been updated to accurately describe its recommended status


  • The downloadURL property of a Distribution was incorrectly listed as having a 1..n cardinality, this has been corrected to 0..n to accurately reflect its recommended state.
  • Further clarified the Period class. this class consists of only recommended properties but has additional rules which state that at least one of these properties should be present. An empty Period class is considered invalid.
  • Introduced three new properties for the Dataset class, highValue, basisRegister and referentieData. These new properties are optional boolean properties. When these properties are not present in a dataset they are considered ‘false’.
  • The property rights of Distribution was incorrectly listed as mandatory, this property is recommended. Its state and cardinality have been corrected.