The properties and their acceptable values are outlined below:

Property Man. Card. URI Value
accessURL man 1..1 dcat:accessURL xsd:anyURI
license man 1..1 dct:license overheid:license
title man 1..1 dct:title xml:string
description man 1..1 dct:description xml:string
language man 1..n dct:language donl:language
format man 1..1 dct:format mdr:filetype
rights rec 0..1 dct:rights xml:string
status rec 0..1 adms:status adms:distributiestatus
releaseDate rec 0..1 dct:issued xsd:date (ISO 8601)
modificationDate rec 0..1 dct:modified xsd:date (ISO 8601)
byteSize rec 0..1 dcat:byteSize xml:number
downloadURL rec 0..n dcat:downloadURL xsd:anyURI
mediaType rec 0..1 dcat:mediaType iana:mediatype
linkedSchemas rec 0..n dct:conformsTo xsd:anyURI
checksum opt 0..1 spdc:checksum class Checksum
documentation opt 0..n foaf:page xsd:anyURI