The properties and their acceptable values are outlined below:

Property Man. Card. URI Value
identifier man 1..1 dct:identifier xsd:anyURI
title man 1..1 dct:title xml:string
description man 1..1 dct:description xml:string
keyword rec 0..n dcat:keyword xml:string
metadataLanguage man 1..1 dct:language donl:language
language man 1..n dct:language donl:language
theme man 1..n dcat:theme overheid:taxonomiebeleidsagenda
modificationDate man 1..1 dct:modified xsd:date (ISO 8601)
authority man 1..1 overheid:authority donl:authority
publisher man 1..1 dct:publisher donl:authority
contactPoint man 1..1 dcat:contactPoint vcard:Kind
accessRights rec 0..1 dct:accessRights overheid:openbaarheidsniveau
datasetStatus rec 0..1 adms:status overheid:datasetStatus
landingPage rec 0..1 dcat:landingPage xsd:anyURI
spatial rec 0..n dct:spatial overheid:spatial
temporal rec 0..1 dct:temporal class Period
conformsTo rec 0..n dct:conformsTo xsd:anyURI
alternativeIdentifier rec 0..n adms:identifier xsd:anyURI
relatedResource rec 0..n dct:relation xsd:anyURI
source rec 0..n dct:source xsd:anyURI
hasVersion rec 0..n dct:hasVersion xsd:anyURI
isVersionOf rec 0..n dct:isVersionOf xsd:anyURI
releaseDate rec 0..1 dct:issued xsd:date (ISO 8601)
version rec 0..1 owl:versionInfo xml:string
versionNotes rec 0..n adms:versionNotes xml:string
legalFoundation rec 0..1 overheid:grondslag class LegalFoundation
datePlanned opt 0..1 skos:concept xsd:date (ISO 8601)
documentation opt 0..n foaf:page xsd:anyURI
frequency opt 0..1 dct:accrualPeriodicity overheid:frequency
provenance opt 0..n dct:provenance xsd:anyURI
sample opt 0..n adms:sample xsd:anyURI
highValue rec 0..1 skos:concept xsd:boolean
basisRegister rec 0..1 skos:concept xsd:boolean
referentieData rec 0..1 skos:concept xsd:boolean
nationalCoverage rec 0..1 skos:concept xsd:boolean