This documentation describes the DCAT application profile named DCAT-AP-DONL 1.1. This is a metadata standard based on the DCAT application profile DCAT-AP-NL 1.1. The application profile aims to reduce data duplication and to standardize values of properties wherever possible, this to improve its usefulness for linked data applications.

DCAT-AP-DONL 1.1 is the DCAT application profile used by, which is the dataset portal of the Dutch government. It is also implemented as a CKAN extension which is available to the public on the Textinfo Gitlab server.

This documentation provides the exact details of the application profile and explains in what way it deviates from DCAT-AP-NL 1.1 and DCAT-AP-DONL 1.0 (its previous version).


For questions or comments regarding this DCAT application profile please contact KOOP at:
Telephone:(070) 7000 526